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Orange County Cali Range CBD E-Liquid | Orange Cream

Orange County Cali Range CBD E-Liquid | Orange Cream

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  • Shortfill: 50ml

  • Strengths: 2

  • CBD: 1500mg or 2500mg

    Looking for the best in authentic CBD vaping? Our Orange Cream CBD vape juice is a hit entry in our award-winning Cali range. Formulated with using broad-spectrum CBD this vape juice is certain to give you an intense experience. Made using a blend of naturally occurring terpenes, this irresistible e-liquid perfectly carries the taste of the world famous strain it is named for.

    Their Orange Cream CBD e-liquid is a hit success within their award-winning Cali range.

    Made to emulate the smell and flavour of the classic Orange Cream cannabis strain, this e-liquid will give you a deliciously sweet and fruity CBD hit with authentic earthy undertones.

    Coming as either a 1500mg or 2500mg concentration, this 50ml bottle has enough of their award-winning CBD to keep even heavy CBD users satisfied.

    As a proud cornerstone of the Cali range, the Orange Cream CBD e-liquid is infused with a range of hemp-derived terpenes that give the flavourings an existing base to work with.

    Extracted in the same way as the CBD itself, these organic compounds add depth and complexity to taste and smell that makes these vape juices truly unique.

    THC Level Undetectable*

    *No detectable traces to the 6th decimal.

    *Ships within 2-4 business days

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