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Orange County CBD | Deep Freeze Balm | 50ml

Orange County CBD | Deep Freeze Balm | 50ml

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  • CBD: 1000mg
  • Size: 50ml

  • Balm: Deep Freeze

When you’ve hit the gym and it’s hit you back even harder, you want to get back on form as quickly as possible. Our cooling CBD muscle and joint balm will provide fast relief to ease the tension of your workout. CBD muscle rub that balances a flawless cooling topical rub and a powerful CBD extract? Gives a whole new meaning to your cool down.

Chill out with our cooling CBD muscle rub. For a feeling that’s a bit like a frozen margarita on a hot day, treat your muscles to some chilled relief when they’ve been hard at work. Absorbs quickly to deliver a cool impact that helps take the edge off your post-workout struggles.

Our CBD muscle rub is created with 1000mg of CBD packed into a 50ml bottle - for a high concentration that releases a powerful CBD impact.

We’ve paired our broad-spectrum CBD with a classic profile of natural ingredients. Everyone’s favourite cool characters like witch hazel and methyl salicylate work to chill the area, for the relief of pain in muscles, tendons, and joints.

THC Level Undetectable

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