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Orange County CBD Gummies Grab Bag | Mixed Fruit Bottles

Orange County CBD Gummies Grab Bag | Mixed Fruit Bottles

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Spectrum: Broad

  • CBD: 200mg

  • Per Bottle: 17mg

  • Shape: Bottle

  • Bottles Per Bag: 12

  • Net Weight: 50g

There are plenty of ways to get your dose of CBD but one of the most popular ways has always been CBD gummies.

Our CBD gummy bottles are a cornerstone of our edibles range, pairing our amazing broad-spectrum CBD with an irresistible gummy recipe.

Our CBD gummy bottles grab bag provides you with enough sweets for several tasting sessions.

Varying in flavour and with a wide range of colours, this is the perfect way to find out if these sweets are right for you.

Packed with powerful broad-spectrum CBD, our gummy bottles carry an impressive CBD hit even in low doses.

Vegan-friendly and designed to be absolutely delicious, it’s no wonder our CBD gummy bottles are so popular.

THC Level Undetectable*

*No detectable traces to the 6th decimal.

*Ships within 2-4 business days

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