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Orange County CBD | Muscle & Joint Balm | 100ml

Orange County CBD | Muscle & Joint Balm | 100ml

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  • CBD: 2000mg
  • Size: 100ml

  • Balm: Muscle & Joint

Do your tired muscles need support after a hard workout? Look no further than our CBD muscle and joint balm. Made to support the needs of amateur and professional athletes, this topical CBD solution is perfectly balanced to give you all the benefits of a conventional balm alongside our award-winning CBD. At a 2000mg concentration, it's never been easier to ensure that your CBD experience is a satisfying one.

With our CBD muscle and joint balm there's never been a better way to deliver a powerful dose of CBD exactly where you need it. Formulated for fast and effective absorption, this incredible topical will help to give you that perfect post-workout support.

This easy and accessible CBD muscle and joint balm are packed with 2000mg of broad-spectrum CBD. Coming in a 100ml bottle, this extra large bottle is the best way to ensure that you always have plenty to hand.

We've paired our CBD with a wide profile of conventional ingredients, using essential oils and natural oils to help ease the worst tension from overworked muscles. Our balm is carefully balanced to ensure that you receive only the very best benefits from both a CBD topical and a conventional muscle rub.

THC Level Undetectable


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